Picking the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine is here, and it’s time to purchase flowers. This is a tricky subject because it can make or break a special day for your loved one. You may be tempted to rush to the nearest grocery store and purchase the first bouquet on sight. However, a better choice will be to conduct some research and evaluate some factors before making any decision.

Here are the main reasons to take into consideration when choosing the right flower for Valentine.


Understand the Different Types of Roses

Roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. They are a natural and dependable love gift. Most people choose red roses because they are a famous representation of love. Nevertheless, you should be aware that there are more than 100 types of roses. For example, you can choose yellow, white, pink, or even black roses for your Valentine.

Choose Other Types of Flowers

Roses are the dominant feature of any Valentine, but you should try other types of flowers. Carnations, daisies, and tulips can also liven your special day. You can either select them in isolation or combine them with other types of roses. In fact, other types of flowers are similar to many rose bouquets.

Go With  Personality

Your loved one is a special person with unique traits. Choosing a flower that matches their personality is the best way to appreciate that personality. For instance, if your partner likes to interact with people, they can do well with bright flowers. If he or she is an introvert, refined and elegant flowers could be the right choice.

Appreciate the Symbolism

Some people think that all flowers convey the same meaning. This is a misconception since each flower variety is associated with a specific trait. For example, people believe that richness and impending wealth is a representation of daisies.

You can spend a few minutes understanding the meanings and predictions of each flower. For example, if you want you and your partner to be happy and prosperous, maybe you can choose red roses. Your partner will understand the symbolism.

Take Note of Allergies

If you and your loved one have been spending some time together, you may have noticed some allergies. They may have some shivering when they encounter certain smells or tastes. For example, geraniums and hydrangeas can be harsh on people suffering from specific allergies. Similarly, sunflowers, daisies, and goldenrod can also cause allergies. Therefore, you don’t want your partner to become sick because you gave them the wrong flowers.

Buy Fresh Flowers

Buying fresh flowers sounds like a cliche, but it is an essential thing. You need to know how to determine if a flower is fresh. Fresh flowers tend to open in a particular manner. A flower is fresh if it opens after you put the stem in water. Therefore, evaluate the stem to ensure that it is not broken or bent anywhere. Moreover, it should have leaves with zero disease signs. It will also be a good idea to conduct a quick assessment of the water in the vase. Dirty water can accommodate many types of bacteria.

Look for Flowers with an Extended Lifespan

.You don’t want to buy flowers that will last a few days. For example, some flowers can wilt by the 15th of February. Instead, you want a flower that you can keep for some time. It should be standing in your partner’s vase to remind them of the fun you had during Valentine’s Day. Consequently, you should select specific types of flowers and certain types of vases. Fresh flowers will also look good when put near an AC from

Personalizing the Flower Gifts

People appreciate the personal touch to any gift that they receive. You will be making a great mistake if you just bought the flowers and handed them without doing any modifications. A simple message to express your love can bring that loving touch to the gift.

Order the Flowers in Advance


There is a huge demand for flowers on Valentine’s Day. If you wait until the last day, you may find that every florist has nothing to offer you. Consequently, make your order two or three weeks before Valentine’s Day. There are many advantages to buying your flowers in advance. First, they can arrive in time if you bought them from an online shop. Also, the prices of flowers tend to rise as Valentine’s Day approaches. Consequently, buying them way before Valentine’s Day will reduce your overall costs.




Valentine’s Day should not be the time for stress. This is when you need to express love by presenting the best flowers. Remember, it is not about the costs but wise selection. You can use these tips to get started.