Things to Look out for from an Event Florist

Every event is unique in floral design, style, and arrangement. In weddings, your wedding theme, passion, and taste dictate the floral setup and design.

Your florists work with your wedding dream goal to actualize the floral setup of the big day. It’s different for corporate events where a basic flower arrangement creates a professional look.

For birthdays, the flowers play a crucial role in bringing out the aesthetic value of the function.

Whether you go for fresh flowers or artificial ones, what matters are the organization’s details in line with your theme color.

 It’s a skill that needs experienced event florists rather than a novice to provide the best setup.

Every event has its unique floral needs hence an all-around florist provides the required skills, thanks to the flexibility of his/her artistic skill. Before you choose the event florist,

Here are a few things to consider

  • Run due diligence from their past assignment
  • Get referrals from a well-done floral event
  • Experience in the artistic skill
  • Level of creativity
  • Budget allocation
  • Have unlimited ideas ready for the meeting
  • Have many options to interview the best

During the interview, here are some of the things you need to look out for

  1. Their floral design skills

How well do they follow the six principles of design? Balance, scale, proportion, contrast, scale, and rhythm are things you need to check out during the practical interview.

An expert in this helps you to make the right choice. The inclusion of art in their duty depicts their artistic capability, which you need for that unique floral design for your event.

  1. Availability

Never assume their availability on the day of the event. You don’t want to pick a designer who will delegate the job to an intern who may end up spoiling the day now that you don’t have the same vision and goals.

Get to know if they are available when you need them, and in case they are busy. However, you still insist they can handle the job and ensure that the person responsible is invited to the floral design meeting to share expectations to execute the plan.

  1. Their level of preparedness and commitment to duty

A practical interview is vital during the interview process. Give them the event’s theme, let them come with all the necessary tools, and do it on site.

This helps you minimize brokers who charge a lot of money, yet they subcontract the work to professionals.

It makes you deal with experts and leave intermediaries from the equation. The kind of tools they bring on board determines their level of preparedness and commitment to the job at hand if they have modern tools for the functions that tell you how committed they are in their mandate to discharge their duty.

  1. Attention to detail

How detailed are they in their arrangement? Are they floral designers who want to please the client from the outward look but inwardly hide a lot?

How do they manage leftovers? Do they clean up after the function, or they leave that to your garbage collector.

That alone tells a lot about the details. Do they add something else in the floral design apart from what you mention?

They are experts in the field, you may lack the details, but if they include them in their floral setup, that’s a plus to the beautification of your event.

  1. Diversity in responsibility

A floral designer works in events. Do they also have other services that come with the package?

When you need them to make a floral design for your car, do they have things like metal detectors as a security measure? If yes, then what companies do they use? is one such company for all manner of detectors. Do they have connections with such companies for a better deal?

Do they have tools that make work easy, like a hoverboard, to help get around quickly where necessary? 

  1. Interpersonal skills

Imagine an excellent florist with a high level of arrogance? You can’t afford to pay an expert who will spoil your day with their wrong attitude.

How well do they take correction? When they seek clarification, what is the tone of their voice?

Although people pretend during an interview, they give their best at that time is a plus. They can do the same to your event to make it memorable.

When you seek additional services or give new instructions, are they receptive, or do it with an attitude.

How well can you gauge their staff when it comes to customer service skills? Soft skills are a treasure in any professional entity.

  1. Flexibility in new ideas

They may have done the best, but that isn’t what you need? Look for their ability to try new ideas and do their best, of course, quickly.

Look for the ability to work under minimal supervision to give you the best. Is it all about you or them?

Flowers in an event not only add beauty but also enhance comfort. Also, it creates a celebratory mood.

Fresh flowers with natural scents promote harmony and unity to participants. 

Floral arrangement with the perfect design for the event gives your event a professional touch and a high integrity level. Use them to your advantage.

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