Eco-friendly Floral Arrangements for Weddings

Given the global occurrence and impact of global warming today, it’s no secret that there’s a significant shift to promote eco-consciousness. That’s because we have to do all we can to ensure the sustenance of our planet. Besides that, it works to help increase the general quality of life in society. Thus, we have a responsibility as individuals to support eco-friendly products.

Generally, it cuts across various industries and areas of life, including cars, clothing items, and even flowers. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the individual roles they can play. That stems from the ignorance of how even simple things like floral arrangements matter. That’s where companies like Heavenly Blooms and many others come in to help.

Simply put, these florists should be the mainstay of the industry because they use more environmentally compatible materials. Therefore, while offering high-quality products, they ensure sustainability, and that’s what our communities need. That’s because it cuts down the effect of mass exploitation of natural resources.

It turns out there are several other benefits of embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle, or as we call it, going green. It reduces the emission of the different harmful greenhouse gases, resulting in decreased pollution in our environment. No wonder it increases the quality of life due to the healthier atmosphere. In the long run, the advantages show in many areas and even preserves animal life.

Importance of Wedding Flowers

The decorative pieces play a huge role in determining the identity of your wedding. Hence, the same way you’d take immediate action to ensure your cybersecurity, you should take charge of the selection. That doesn’t reduce the importance of getting help or hiring a planner. However, it underscores personal involvement in making these choices.

It also highlights the significance of floral arrangements. Similarly, as identity theft protection and home security are living expenses, flowers are usually a significant part of wedding budgets. That’s because, beyond their beauty and color, they bring elegance and style to the event. They also add feeling and texture to your decorations, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Growing Flowers the Eco-friendly Way

Having established the vitality of regard for this industry’s environment, we must know how to achieve it. Firstly, it involves growing the flowers naturally. That includes using natural light and fertilizers, which enable the flowers to sprout the traditional way. Some people may disagree because of specific implications like the longer growth time, but it works.
Unquestionably, minimizing waste, and using recyclables are vital. Another essential thing to ensure is the use of safe pesticides, thus reducing the harmful effects. Besides that, others, including shopping and distributing locally to avoid long-distance commutes. Also, they promote seasonal flowers because getting them outside their season requires artificial growth measures.

Eco-friendly Arrangements

Some people may outrightly recommend flower alternatives altogether. Some of them include recycled paper or burlap decorations like rosettes. Admittedly, they’re lovely and, more importantly, eco-friendly. However, most people have dreams of their perfect wedding that includes actual flowers. Therefore, the first thing to note is that what you need are seasonal ones.

Additionally, experts recommend using sturdy or less delicate ones like lilies or sunflowers. In case you may be asking yourself, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have the colors you want. That’s why most people consider things like this when deciding their wedding date. However, for people with flexible floral desires, you’ll be able to work around it.

On the other hand, the accessories used must also be eco-friendly. The most prominent one is the foam block used to hold the stems together in an arrangement. It’s formaldehyde-based, so people have found some nontoxic and more elegant alternatives. One of them is filling the vase with marbles, which serve as the support instead.

Another great alternative that expert eco-florists recommend is using chicken wires. Some individuals might be skeptical about it, but once they complete the arrangement, you wouldn’t be able to tell what’s underneath. That’s especially helpful for wall and arch flower designs. Nevertheless, they aren’t limited because you can also use them in vases.

Best of all, the chicken wires are reusable if you handle them well. As if that’s not enough, there are still other popular options like wood wool or excelsior or using a tangle of twigs. Also, there are some custom made alternatives like the eco-wraps and “pillows and eggs.” You see that there’s an eco-friendly option for every floral need you have, so go green today.

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