About Us


At Heavenly Blooms

The founder of Heavenly Blooms had the end goal of eco-friendly floral design insight. The inspiration to start this website came from a personal experience, and the entire project is quite dear to the founder. With a vast experience in design and flowers, the founder hoped to develop a website to make other people’s events even better.

We ensure that your corporate and social events are alive with the most beautiful flowers that decide upon. We are keen on promoting eco-friendly practices that result in us working with locally based farmers and taking up strategies that ensure we contribute to the well-being of the environment around us. 

choose Heavenly Blooms

You will be a part of a floral design company that believes in composting unused leaves and stems from providing more nutrients to our growing flowers. 

Also, we do not use any toxic floral foams in our studio. We are also working out a plan to donate any flowers that get returned after our events to liven someone’s day with our exquisite designs. 

The goal of eco-friendly floral designs is dear to the entire company as we would like to impact active social change within our community. 

Our plans to decompose and use leftover leaves and stems would provide us with enough compost to grow other flowers. All these strategies are in line with Heavenly Bloom’s goals, including the workers’ objectives.