Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olivia Blog Love and DIY Post

Thank you, THANK YOU, thank you for all of your emails and comments on our Olivia party. And a huge, warm thank you to Kim at TomKat Studio for the blog feature - we love her blog so much and it was quite an honor to be featured!
Heather at Twist Entertaining was also sweet enough to post our Olivia party on her blog/website as well... Please visit these fabulous blogs for even more party planning inspiration!!! As promised, please see below for some DIY projects and tips from the Olivia party... Enjoy!
We have received MANY emails requesting instructions on how to recreate the feather boa wreath. It is so easy, you're actually going to laugh out loud at the simple steps and dazzle all of your party guests with your crafty skills (just like we did)...


30" styrofoam wreath (size can vary)

ribbon (we used two styles, about 3 yards of each style)

(3) red feather boas

(24) silk red rose heads

glue gun

1. We purchased a 30" styrofoam wreath from our floral wholesale supplier (Walmart, Joann's Fabrics and Michael's carry the styrofoam wreaths as well)

2. Tie the ribbon (which was vut into 24" pieces) onto the wreath at three different places. The trick to getting the wreath to hang evenly is to tie the ribbon at the same length.

3. Wrap the feather boas around the wreath. We only glued the feather boas at each tip to hold in place.

4. Glue rose heads in clusters around the wreath.

5. Position your wreath (in our case, it was around a light fixture hanging over the dining room table) into place, then tie your ribbons onto the light fixture. If you're hanging the wreath without a light fixture, just use pushpins to secure the wreath to the ceiling. The wreath is so light that the pushpins will work perfectly.

6. We then added additional rose heads to the top of the light fixture as well (see picture below).

7. TA-DAA your very own "Olivia" hanging wreath... I told you it was easy!!!

Another DIY project, the sparkling red play dough... We found this recipe at UCreate...

4 C all purpose flour

2 C non-iodized salt

4 C water8 tsp cream of tartar

4 tbsp cooking oil

Cook and stir on med-low til forms. Careful not to burn. If coloring, mix food coloring in water first. When cooled down, knead dough and put in sealed container.To add glitter just use craft glitter and knead into dough. Keep adding glitter til it is as 'sparkly' as you desire. We purchased the containers at the local $1 store, then added our own ribbon and labels.

Oh the pom poms - I love how they look, but I am a perfectionist and it drives me nuts that I can never get my poms as perfectly even as Martha Stewart. Please visit this link for the directions on recreating the pom poms. We used black and white striped tissue paper as well as solid red tissue paper for a little variety. The red rose pomanders were purchased at Michael's. You can also view our Minnie Mouse birthday party post for our zebra print pom poms...

And last. but certainly not least... the Oreo cookie pops were created using the recipe on How Does She... These pops were a hit with kids and adults. However, we did not put enough white chocolate to hold the lollipop stick in place, so a few of the Oreos did fall off of the stick. Another trick we learned after the Oreo Pops below were created... lay the dipped Oreos on a cookie rack instead of a plate. The white chocolate will drip through instead of puddling around the Oreo.

We would love to see your blog posts and pictures using our Olivia party ideas - so please share!!!

Also, you are more than welcome to use any of our photos, just please give us credit and kindly post a link to our blog : )


  1. Thanks for posting all the instructions...I was wondering though how you blew up Olivia? I am wanting to enlarge a character for my daughters bday party but don't know where I can get that done. Thanks! Everything is beautiful!

  2. These are such great ideas for any kind of party. Thank You for all the little detailed information.

  3. I too would like to know how you blew up Olivia...thanks.

  4. Thank you for sharing your great ideas! This party was STUNNING! I can't wait to make the hanging wreath for my next party.

  5. I LOVE this party!! My daughter loved Olivia too when the books originally came out. Your work is beautiful and I'm so glad I found your blog! :)

  6. I found this site very interesting. A special event deserves a party w/ good activities! Plan it well, be creative and make it organized to build a fun fun gig.

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  7. I am looking at doing an Olivia Party for my daughter in April , she turns 4 and she orig wanted a princess theme party but I got her hooked on Olivia instead ( thank goodness ) now I am wondering how did you print something so large?


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