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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kate's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

This post is very personal to me, this little girl is very important to me. I have shared her baby shower and her first birthday with you all... so it only seems natural to share her 2nd birthday party. She is my Kate, seeing her little face makes my heart smile. She is a special little girl bubbling with warmth and personality. She is a beautiful little soul who makes me count my blessings and thank the Lord above everyday for bringing her into our lives.
Ok, now onto the photos of her "Nouse" birthday party. I am not into the traditional, party store, cookie cutter character parties. But my little Kate ADORES Minnie Mouse. I wanted to create a custom party decor that incorporated her beloved "Nouse" (as she calls her) but was still stylish and fun. Our color palette was black, white and hot pink. Basically zebra print and polka dots galore with a Minnie Mouse inspired flair!!!

The gorgeous birthday girl, trying on her Minnie ears and in her first outfit of the day. Her zebra peasant top was a great Etsy find from seller BellaLoveBoutique

Guests were greeted by the infamous Ikea frame, with a picture of the birthday girl and her favorite stuffed Minnie Mouse plush. We set the frame on an easel accented with ribbons.

The party was held in her parent's backyard, so we set up lounge areas with tables. Each table held a different framed picture of Kate with a single vase arrangement of flowers and candy.

Our little Kate is a fashionista. She walks around the house carrying three different purses, bracelets rattling on her wrists, with necklaces and is always styling with sunglasses. This party was for Kate and we made it all about her and her favorite things. We set a table for the little girls to play dress up and pile on as many necklaces and bracelets as they could. Needless to say they loved it and there wasn't one pair of sunglasses or necklace left.
Please see below for all our resources and links.

Our little fashionista getting dressed up for her party!

How could we have a Minnie Mouse themed party and not have Minnie ears? Kate's Mama hand made each 24 pairs - with love of course! Kids and parents wore the ears throughout the party. They were a huge hit!!!

We tried several different methods to create the "ears". We tried felt, stock paper, etc... However, the best looking ears were created using foam. We traced the template that we designed onto the foam, cut it out and glued it onto headbands we wrapped in black ribbon. The final touch was a gros grain polka dot ribbon which was glued in the center. This was more cost effective than purchasing them online or in a party store. And they looked a whole lot better too. For our little "Mickeys", we used the same ears without the bow.

Baby Ella Bella

Another fun Etsy find from seller Bitty Chou Chou, these shoes were adorable, well made and coordinated with the party perfectly!!!

The birthday girl (in her 2nd outfit of the day) with her custom designed hat. Kate's Mama created the hat herself after searching high and low for the perfect hat. This has become a tradition she wants to continue after designing her first birthday hat as well. She used a regular party hat and wrapped it in pink polka dot material. Then added a zebra ribbon trim and a black feather boa poof and of course Minnie ears!!! Kate's skirt was a sparkly black tulle skirt from Nordstroms and her shirt is by Disney Couture.

I wanted to do something fun and different for the centerpieces. After scouring the Internet and magazines for ideas, I came up with this. I created the Minnie heads with black spray painted styrofoam balls. I attached the styrofoam balls with toothpicks and picked it into oasis. I loved how the painted styrofoam had a sparkly texture to it. I then created a floral arrangement around the base of the Minnie heads. We also created all white gerbera daisy floral arrangements in hot pink ribbon wrapped vases adorned with a Minnie Mouse silhouette.
Each table featured a custom zebra print runner.

The dessert table was really fun to create. Of course it was inspired by the dessert goddess Amy Atlas and the one and only party planning genius, Jenn from Hostess with the Mostess. Some of the goodies included Oreo truffles, zebra pretzels, strawberry marshmallows, pirate booty cones, cotton candy cones, cupcakes and candy.

The cupcake tower!!! We added zebra ribbon trim to each tier with a hot pink polka dot bow, a black feather boa to the bottom and a polka dot material wrapped 2 to the top. We created the Minnie cupcake toppers with our right hand machine, THE Cricut. Basically this party wouldn't have happened without our trusty Cricut, more specifically the Mouse silhouette. We had Minnie heads and bows in every size possible.

Our dessert table was originally set beneath a beautiful tree with hanging Martha Stewart inspired paper pom poms. However, much to my dismay, little black bugs started to appear EVERYWHERE. Thankfully it happened before all of the desserts were set out. So the table was moved to another location with a different background (see above) I still had to post what the table was supposed to look like because I loved it that much.
We used zebra printed tissue paper and black tissue paper to create the pom poms.
The food went so quickly we didn't even have a chance to snap a picture. We served Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets and Mickey Mouse shaped sandwiches for the kids. For the adults we had an Italian spread of bruschetta, ravioli, Mickey Mouse pasta salad and pizza.
Basically good ole' comfort food. And the plates, they were "souvenirs" from Disneyland. For a month, I went to almost every Disneyland restaurant and collected new Mickey Mouse shaped plastic plates. I love these plates because they were sturdy and you can't find them anywhere but Disney theme parks.

Our beautiful material covered letters.

Our hand made pennant banner. We used a triangle template, traced it onto the material, then glued the pieces to a long piece of hot pink polka dot ribbon.

We kept the kid's table decor fairly simply because we later used it for crafts. Instead of using flowers at the base of the Minnie's, we adorned the base with white feather boas. And hot pink ribbon wrapped cylinders with one stem of white gerbera daises with a black center.

A few of the adorable party guests...

Another Cricut powered project. We used the Minnie Mouse silhouettes and ribbon to string the banner together. We glued the letters on with glitter.

The kids had a blast accessorizing and playing dress up. We also had a few crafts, such as coloring pages and activities. Another fun craft was the Minnie Wands. We cut Minnie Mouse silhouettes out of the black foam and glued them onto ribbon wrapped dowel rods. We set out bowls of glittery foam stickers, ribbons and glitter glue markers. The kids loved creating their own design. We also had a bubble machine, a game of "Minnie Says" and a bounce house (not pictured for obvious reasons).

The birthday girl, her Minnie Mouse birthday cake (after an impatient little guest stuck their finger in the icing) and her Daddy! We added a little bling to the candle with black rhinestones.

And Kate in her third and final outfit of the day. Once again, a fabulous Etsy find by seller Sherbert Baby Boutique. Our favors were Minnie Mouse tumblers from the Disney Store, filled with candy, fruit snacks and stickers. The guests also took home as many necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses and Minnie ears they could hold. For the adults, we had Minnie Mouse shaped rice krispie treats dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with chocolate, in cellophane bags tied with pink polka dot ribbons. The party was a smashing success! But most importantly, the guest of honor had a blast surrounded by her favorite people.
Resources & Links:
Jewelry Table...
The white sunglasses and necklaces were purchased from Oriental Trading.
The bracelets were purchased from a local vendor here in Los Angeles.

Dessert Table...
Zebra Cupcake Liners were purchased from Bake It Pretty.
Jennifer Sbranti - Hostess with the Mostess

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  1. This is Oh-so-Cute, Cute! I love the pink polka dot combined with the zebra stripe.

  2. Every little detail is FANTASTIC! A lot of work and love went into this party and it shows.

  3. Have you entered this in the Most Adorable Kid's Party contest?

  4. What great detail! I love the mini mouse Styrofoam centerpieces!


  5. Thank you for your lovely comments!

    Chris, I missed the deadline : (

  6. I had to feature this on my Mickey and Minnie party inspiration post this morning. Your party was amazing!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/mickey-minnie-mouse.html

  7. This was amazing. I emailed you about a business proposition yesterday.Thanks for the inspiration.~Trina~

  8. Wonderful party! I love it! I love the color scheme! I must feature this on my blog!

  9. What a great job! Where did you get the polka dot tablecloth?? I can't seem to find one online.

  10. Very cute! Every little detail is so thought out and perfect!

  11. Just came across this post. How fun are those Minnie ears?! And I especially love the zebra print pom poms. Great work! Had to feature it on my inspiration blog: http://peachpizzazz.blogspot.com/

  12. Adorable! I was looking for ideas for my daughters 2nd birthday today and came across your blog only to realize that you did my wedding flowers in June 2007!! Thanks for the great ideas, such a talent!-Jessica

  13. My daughter loves Mickey Mouse. I'd been racking my brain on how to incorporate Mickey into the theme I'd chosen. I can't believe I didn't think to use the Mickey Mouse Ears throughout the decor in subtle ways. I only wish I had come across your site a month ago. Thank you so much for sharing. Your children are very lucky to have such as talented Mom.

  14. Came upon your blog well searching disney birthday parties, Cutest minnie mouse party ever great job! Im a new follower and trying to plan a little mermaid party, hoping it comes out as cute as your minnie mouse one!

  15. Wow! I love what you did. Everything looks perfect. I wish I would have seen this last summer when I searched for ideas when I did my daughters Minnie Mouse theme birthday party.

  16. Hi! I am having a Minnie Mouse theme for my little girls' 2nd birthday party. I would LOVE to make the EARS too...could you please give me the details on how to make them?

  17. Hi! i came across your webpage and i love how you did well with the minnie mouse themed party. Ive been actually scouting for centerpeices for my daughter's birthday party in july. Im interested in gettin the table centerpiece. Do you still make them? or do you accept order? Can you please email me with the details at aznjerzeechic@yahoo.com. Appreciate it. Thank you. - Samantha

  18. Hello,

    I am interested in making the ears as well...where can I buy the foam? I would also like more details on making them...please email me kish587@yahoo.com. Thank you!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!

    V & Kish - we used a Mickey hat purchased from Disneyland and we half traced the ears onto foam. We purchased the foam from Wal-mart. If you don't own a Mickey mouse hat, you can probably find a template online.

    RoseMarie - We actually found the material (by pure luck) at a local fabric store. We haven't been able to find it anywhere else either.

    MaddysMom - What a small world! Jessica & Alex, right? Westlake Village Inn? Glad to hear you are doing well : )

  21. Can you tell me how you made the lil foam minnie's? where they just foam balls from walmart that you spray painted? How did you get them to stick together? How did you get the 'bow' to stick to the foam? please email me if you can! I LOVE this party! SO CUTE! (mommyt@ymail.com)

  22. this is absolutely amazing!!! my 3 1/2 year old loves everything minnie. where in the world did u find the minnie mouse silhouette cricut i have been searching everywhere for it. i can't find it anywhere.


  23. Thompson Family - I purchased styrofoam balls and painted them black. I used toothpicks to keep the "Minnie" head together. It works really well! The bow was hot glued on.

    Nina Bunk - I actually found the silhouette at a local scrapbooking store. However, I believe I saw that Cricut template at Michael's last month. Good Luck!

  24. i have been searching every where for that cricut, i can't find it anywhere! what is the item# on it? if you don't mind me asking.

  25. I am in the middle of doing a minnie mouse baby shower.... can you tell me what cartridge has the minnie mouse bow? I was looking this morning at the 2 mickey cartridges but did not see the bow... Please help, I will be eternally grateful! Oh, OMG!! you did a fantastic job!! That party looks sweet!!! Thanks for shareing


  26. how do you make the pompoms hanging from the tree?

  27. How did you spraypaint the foam balls? I done one and it didn't turn out so great.

  28. I am trying to do my daughters birthday with those centerpieces and the spray paint ate away at the styrafoam balls :( Do you have any tips? Did you use paint or spray paint?

    This party was gorgeous!!!!

  29. My daughter is going to be Minnie Mouse for halloween so I had the bright idea of doing a minnie mouse themed b-day part next month! Love all your ideas, what type of red ribbon did you use to wrap your vases?

  30. 1st of all this looks amazing I love everything.

    I'm starting to get stuff together to do my daughters 1st birthday in minnie mouse. We've been twice in the last 5 months and she just loves her. I've been looking at both the mickey cricut cartridge and don't seem to see the minnie silhouette with the bow on either. Did you use one of the cricut cartridge.
    Feel free to email me @ md92305@gmail.com

  31. Adorable party! Can you please tell me where you got your cupcake tier?? I have searched HIGH and LOW!! Please help! Thanks enchantedparties@rocketmail

  32. So sweet baby in above picture.My 3 year old baby loves mini mouse.So I am trying to apply mini mouse theme on my kid birthday.Thanks for sharing such great idea with us.I am also Sharing some information regarding to 1st birthday supplies in India

  33. where did you find the black and white whirly pops?

  34. i have a little girl named kate that i adore. i am planning a mickey and minnie mouse party for her now! very sweet to read about your babys bday

  35. Our 2 year old was so excited to see Minnie on everything. So we are planning of Minnie Mouse party theme for her coming birthday. Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

  36. This is the cutest party EVER!!! She is very lucky to have a fun creative mom. The table with accesories is so sweet. Can you please tell me what the note reads that starts off Yoo Hoo!I love It!!! Good job.

  37. your party decorations look amazing.. i want to do the banner but dont have a cricut machine , is there a way to do it without it..ive tried looking for minnie mouse templates but nothing seems to work without me having to freehand the bow afterwards..

    feel free to email me


  38. Hi! My little Sophia turns one in July and I'm going to do the Minnie mouse centerpieces but I can't figure out how or in what to arrange the flowers at the bottom. If possible please email me. Zahira:) zmendoza24@gmail.com

  39. I am planning my daughter's 2nd birthday with Minnie Mouse and zebra print, so it was great to come across this site!!

    To answer questions from others, I have the "Mickey Font" Cricut cartridge. It has the Mickey silhouette as well was Minnie and her bow. For my daughter's party, I am using the Mickey for the silhouette with the Minnie bow (I didn't like the Minnie in all black). The bow is a little different from the one in these photos, but it works great. I have used it for many, many things! I bought my cartridge from amazon, but I saw it on many other sites as well.

  40. How did you do this?? Im wanting to do this theme for my almost 3yr old daughter.

  41. I love this . I am planing a mickey mouse wedding and could use ideas janicean18@aol.com

  42. Just wanted to let you know that I love your party ideas! I am in the process of planning a Minnie Mouse party for my 2 year old. I am documenting all my preparations on a party blog, minniemousebirthday.blogspot.com.

    I put a link to your party on my sidebar so others can see your great ideas, too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  43. Love how creative this party was. Did you make the cupcake stand or purchase if so How or Where??

  44. Awesome, awesome, awesome! You did a fabulous job. I'm also planning a Minnie party for my 2 year old and you have given me so many great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Awesome! You did a fabulous job! I'm also planning a Minnie party for my 2 year old and you have given me so many great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Amazing great job! Love it! Thank you for sharing all the craft ideas!
    I am planing a Minnie San Valentin party!

  47. I love the birthday party, It is so cute. Love it. I wanted to try and make the Minnie mouse banner, what did you use for the silhouette of minnie. You have the best Ideas, Thank you please email me at brandyb1986@gmail.com

  48. I love the birthday party, It is so cute. Love it. I wanted to try and make the Minnie mouse banner, what did you use for the silhouette of minnie. You have the best Ideas, Thank you please email me at brandyb1986@gmail.com

  49. I love all the things you did to make her party special, I have a friend that is doing a Minnie party and I can't wait to shared some of these things. I do a lot of things for girls on my blog come over and join me at www.sewcraftykathy.blogspot.com

  50. I love the birthday Minnie banner! Can you please tell me the name of the font that you used for the cut out letters? Thank you

  51. The Styrofoam centerpieces are looking great. Fabulous arrangements.


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