Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chocolate and Wine Soiree Part III - Rustic Farm or Ranch Wedding Decor

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And now for the chocolate portion of the Chocolate & Wine Soiree... We served ten different mouth watering chocolate desserts. Along with the chocolate desserts, we also served a handful of savory, autumn inspired appetizers such as Parmesan Puffs, Tomato Soup Shots, Caprese Bites, Roast Beef Crostinis, Cranberry Chicken Sandwiches and a cheese & cracker platter. Along with the wine bar, we also had a coffee station with chocolate covered spoons.

When guests RSVP for the event, we asked that they tell us their favorite quote. We then wrote the quotes on chalkboards placed on mini easels and in frames on various tables. It was a nice and personal touch having the quotes mixed in with the decor.

We made Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake Pops - they were a huge hit!!!

We made mini versions of Martha Stewart's Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies...

Our own version of candy car cupcakes. We started with a chocolate cake mix, then added a piece of heath chocolate bar in the center. Instead of frosting, we dipped the tops of the mini cupcakes in milk chocolate ganache. The cupcakes were garnished with heath bar morsels.

And no we did not forget the E in chocolate... it's Chocolat and it's in French.

The caramel pecan crisps are so easy to make... and so good! We found the recipe here... The chocolates include three ingredients pretzels, rolos and pecans. The chocolate mousse cups recipe was created by my Aunt years ago. They are so delicious, the mousse part is created with cool whip, cream cheese and vanilla. The lightness of the mousse and the strawberry offsets the chocolate cup beautifully. We also made the Barefoot Contessa's Outrageous Brownies and Raspberry Truffle Tarts.

The Oreo Truffles are so decadent and rich, this is another creation form Bakerella. They have become one of my favorite sweet treats. This is another very easy recipe to follow and our guests really loved them! Our truffles weren't as perfectly round as the brilliant Bakerella, but they were just as good.


  1. All of your chocolate desserts look amazingly delicious. They made my mouth water

  2. Absolutely beautiful! what a nice party to attend.
    All of your efforts definitely show. Would love to be a guest at your party.


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